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     We have always thought that the talent is the soul, and the enterprise's kernel competitive power. the competition is the competition, in effect on enterprises all the factors, talent is a key factor for the competitiveness of enterprises in the competition, norfolk that company has been adhere to the concept of people-centred.To create opportunities for staff and management purposes, in the business development at the same time, we work out a group of solid people, they created a company of the rapid growth and development have become an important resource.
    Through different channels to the social recruit's only a year, the higher the absorption be a students of fine qualities and fine scholar of fresh graduates and students to join us for the establishment of a resource reserve, and for sustainable development of manpower supply. the main ways available for university graduates, fresh graduate of the strong desire to learn, and no other enterprise culture,So fresh graduate of the culture, understanding and acceptance is much easier, has been newly graduates is the company's talent for the primary way. we will provide for a fresh graduate about 100 employment opportunities, and continuing professional development plan, and the importance of the vacancy by internal promotion of the company, as far as possible to provide promotion opportunities.
    Some demand for higher professional talents, in general, our personnel recruitment of specialized personnel market and join us for the company introduces a new management techniques and technology, is the progress of the way, the company attaches great importance to the new ideas and new technology, and the new management and technology with deep interest, is the so-called "one can remedy one's own defects. the jade.Professionals and reserves in the common form a talent echelon our group to form a reasonable personnel and increased at the team's cohesion. the company introduced a powerful performance appraisal system and an obsolete, performance appraisal of the ability to identify people, the manpower of the company's competitive, is the company's success to the heart of the factors needed in many aspects to give a damn. it can't finish the company's performance of the employees shall be given out.
    Company in each year out of the department work, and into personal goals and objectives of the standard for judging the work accomplished by this standard of performance evaluation for staff. we will of the performance of the staff is lagging behind it. obviously, to be eliminated in the end, who eliminated is cruel, but with all finished in time of the performance of the employment relations, in the long run, to himself is an advantage, and performance of the employees will have to face reality
To improve ability to work in the community to find myself. the man out of the system will activate the vitality and face the competition, the employees will be more devoted work and constantly improve performance. since the company was established and constantly improve their living conditions.
   To create a better living environment, firms have investment, many additional support and strengthen the management, establish a clean and comfortable living environment. to strengthen team spirit and strengthen their mutual communication, the company regularly organize a travel destination. tourist areas, including the nature of the scenic spots and places of city. the company had steadily improving living conditions and working environment to its full play to his professional merits and value
   Of the competition is the competition, a team of the company any employees of enterprises operating a chain, any part of the mistakes that means of providing products or services will also be adversely affected the it team spirit is nopp to employees one of the main demands. become a world-class enterprises nuopu purpose and mission, and the world to achieve world-class rulv of the basic premise, the profits in many ways, the recruitment ofTo implement the business of specialization and internationally, we have always believed that is the soul, is determined to enterprises competitiveness in the most important factors.
   nuopu  international process, we will have to be one of the most important strategy. has always adhered to attract talent from society, people create a favourable environment and fulfilled human talent strategy.

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