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Pathology information management system
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System features:

1 in the country for the first time introduced the service in the online version of quality control management requirements graphic reports information management system, from a "reserve - Registration - drawn - embedded - Producer  Digital image acquisition - Image parameter analysis - first visit - referral - review - send "the Department of Pathology, integrated information flow management.
2 user based on the actual situation, that can select multiple machines networked, collaborative working, you can choose single-stop service.

3 The system can achieve specimen receiving, processing, extraction of patient information, input, production processes, quality control management, image acquisition, storage, quickly generate a variety of diagnostic reports that provide a variety of statistical methods and practical inquiry.

4 using fingerprint authentication technology, operational access control, time off automatically when no operation, and system log management to ensure data security.

5 offers a variety of patient information into the method, can be prompted to select the entry process, the digital codes or connected with the hospital HIS system directly into the patient information will be very little typewriter.

6 special cases, difficult cases or cases of typical harvest function.


Powerful software support:

1 country single entirely on Microsoft Visual C + + development language of the platform design, to ensure safe and reliable system operation.

2 was first introduced in the domestic information industry open platform design to provide users with convenient localization configuration management, the platform has a higher departmental applications and user adaptability.

3 algorithms for medical image processing core Intel CPU to do a special optimization, enables the system to give full play to the hardware performance of the system (multi-core CPU support, multithreading support, parallel frame support)


Powerful hardware support:

System description:
1 country single entirely on Microsoft Visual C + + development language of the platform design, to ensure safe and reliable system operation
2 registered producer workstation workstation workstations are based cytology diagnostic workstation workstation
3 slices conventional cytology producer workstation workstation workstation archiving workstation special inspection station of blood cells

Slide scanning, direct access to patient information

Registration station:

★ manual entry of patient information can also be imported from the HIS system
★ The system automatically "retrieve the same name," met with the same name automatically prompted the patient
★ case library can be registered, case library can be customized
★ pathological number of cases according to the current automatic l-bit libraries can also be manually adjusted

Drawn workstation:

★ Open a variety of medical records: electronic scanning, manual entry, double click the left mouse button, toolbar, choose
★ paraffin blocks of the total number of systems with material drawn from record sheet is automatically calculated based on
★ record of people currently logged on the system can automatically extract the names can also be selected via the drop-down menu or input

Production Workstation:

★ producer workstation interface on the right contains a list to be embedded, to be sliced ​​list, doctor list, the list has been sliced, on the left contains a list of applications for medical advice,
Doctor's advice list displays real-time applications for diagnostic laboratories to apply the information sent from doctor

Pathology workstation

★ information list on the left window shows the last 7 days, the lack of records, number of color through the pathology records can be intuitive view
★ Real-time image acquisition, the doctor diagnosed, referral, review, drawing, frozen, technology and other diagnostic procedures doctor
★ Click on the "pathological diagnosis", diagnosis pop-up window views

Cytology workstation

★ According to the type of case specimens (gynecological, body fluids) automatically displays the corresponding statement of the word (TBS), TBS can also be custom descriptor

Archiving workstation

★ archived paraffin, sliced ​​archiving, data archiving
★ loan management, return management
★ loan information visit

Report workstation

★ In the "pathological diagnosis" page to specify the output report format, the system automatically switches to the current cases in the specified module to generate a diagnostic report, the report can be output

Report Card:

Main functions:

★ Pathology examination reservation information
★ patient examination to establish the basic information
★ basic patient information, HIS / PACS into
★ comprehensive inspection records search query
★ display a list of records output
★ automatically displays the current open cases in history
★ medical appointments automatically displayed
★ automatically track the follow-up cases
★ automatically display emergency cases
★ automatically delay cases, delay in reporting a single printing operation
★ arrears automatically record
★ automatically take up the records required
★ collection features interesting cases
★ generally drawn process management
★ Support multi-level diagnostic report
★ provide a report template customization, report templates, and submission of materials associated with intelligence
★ description of liquid-based cytology methods (TBS) can be freely defined
★ daily statistics to support pathology
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