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Slide filing cabinet
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Maker:Xiaogan Nuopu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
AddTime:2011-5-6 10:18:40

    1 filing cabinet form factor using high quality 0.7mm thick cold steel processing, the internal guide for the molding,
      Better durability and high load-bearing nature.
    2 archive boxes from high-strength engineering plastic pressure formed plastic, high strength, long life, easy to clean and other features.
    3 with the direction of the base wheel bearing adjustment, move more convenient place.
    4 decay, theft, fire, mildew, moisture characteristics of better quality than the traditional slide cabinet.
    5 two split design, mobile and more convenient place.
    6 upper and lower sections, respectively, with a lockable door, a better box to prevent the filing cabinet fell and lost.
    7 of the 54 upper and lower sections of the archive boxes.
    8 dimensions; length 740 × width 390 × high 2100 (mm).
    9 archive number: slide cabinet ≥ 5.5 sheets of standard slides.
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