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NP-R1-type automatic dyeing machine of biological organization
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   This series uses flexible staining techniques, each program can be run up to 26 steps; mass storage function, can store a variety of staining procedures to meet the requirements of different agencies use different staining.

1 Flexible programming dyed design, single-set programs can run on 20-step;
dynamic circular slide cleaning technology, each specimen can slide through the water at a constant flow rate of cleaning, which can effectively ensure that every step dyeing process cleanliness and quality of each specimen stained slides;
3-cylinder design temperature baking sheet, so that each slide can be dried in a clean environment for constant temperature;
4-cylinder stain reagents are used to place pressure on a closed, single-cylinder used in the dyeing process Uncovery operation mode, volatile reagents to overcome the environmental pollution;
5 imported linear guide and linear bearings transmission mode, high-precision high-performance aircraft to ensure that the dye in the X axis and Y-axis precision operation;
6-specific staining of NP-R-based software, a powerful and rich functionality, so that all parameters can be an open set, and can store 20 sets of dyeing process;
7 environmental filtering the air, reduce harmful gas to the operator injury.

Technical parameters:
1, the processing cylinder: 16 cylinders;
2, single-cylinder volume: 800 ~ 1000ML;
3, cylinder processing time: 0 ~ 59 minutes and 59 seconds adjustable;
4-cylinder mixing interval: 1 to 999 seconds adjustable;
5, staining rack capacity: 50 ~ 100;
6, Power: 220V ± 10% 50HZ.
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