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China health reform to bring new medical device industry development opportunities

    Medical equipment is alone or in combination in the human body apparatus, equipment, appliances, materials or other items, after years of development, China's medical device industry has made great achievements, the investment adviser in the pharmaceutical industry researcher Guo Li pointed out, the new medical reform introduction of the program is more of China's medical device industry to bring a development opportunity.

Investment adviser in the pharmaceutical industry researcher Guo Li pointed out earlier this year, the State Council adopted the "deepening of the views of medical and health system" and "deepen the medical and health system 2009-2011 plan", the State Council will invest 850 billion yuan within three years total for health care reform, these investments will bring a greater increment medical device market.

Guo Li pointed out, the new medical reform Zhuzhong grass roots and foundation, a large part of central government spending also will be on the grassroots level, and government procurement varieties will no doubt be unprecedented growth in medical equipment and appliances as part of the infrastructure will certainly benefit from the industry brought about by the expansion of good, medical equipment manufacturers will also benefit significantly.

Investment Advisor in the Research Director Zhang Yan Lin pointed out that from 2008 to 2010, China's nearly 80 billion yuan of funds into the rural medical equipment procurement, mainly to benefit from new health care reform under the state of the rural grass-roots marketing and community-based health care institution-building , some basic medical equipment such as ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, biochemical analyzer, and X-ray machines will significantly benefit.

The investment adviser of "2009-2012 China Medical Device Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" that in the new medical reform and the double impact of national policy support, the future of China's medical device industry will usher in a peak of development, and health care equipment manufacturers in this policy under the influence of good will pay more attention to their own development, prospects look good.

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