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Pathological dryer failure and repair methods
     With the rapid development of medical technology, pathological dehydration machine has become routine for each medium-sized hospital pathology work of the organization must deal with one of the large instrument. Pathological distinction between design principles from the dryer can be divided into two types of rotary and fully enclosed. Due to the different works, the use of two types of tissue in the dryer has a different common faults and maintenance methods, master the use and maintenance of dewatering equipment knowledge, to ensure the smooth day to day work is particularly important. In this paper, two types of tissue dehydration machine, were carried out two common faults and their respective maintenance methods of analysis.
1 Basic Concepts
1.1 Pathological dryer works
By soaking the different reagents and different concentration gradients of reagents, the cells of biological tissue and cells of the water extracted to achieve the purpose of dehydration, and finally immersed in paraffin after dehydration in the organization be removed.
1.2 Classification of pathological tissue dryer
The first reagent-cylinder fixed, mechanical movement into the tissue basket followed by soaking in different reagents cylinder until complete tissue dehydration, collectively referred to as type of rotary dryer dryer; second storage tank fixed tissue dehydration, through a computer system By default the program will control reagents in a certain order to the dewatering tank pumping for dewatering, dewatering machine such collectively referred to as automatic closed-dryer.
2 types of pathological dehydration machine failure and maintenance of different methods
2.1 rotary dryer pathological
2.1.1 Fault Analysis
Rotary dryer pathology most common failure is the "card tanks", that the suspension arm in the process of moving tissue basket, due to various reasons, failed to soak into the reagent in the organization, resulting in tissue dehydration failure. Lead to "card tanks" there may be many reasons, probably can be classified into the following categories:
① man-made causes tissue hanging baskets in place, the process of tissue basket down to touch the cylinder wall reagent, because the resistance can not be fully immersed into the reagent tank.
② control arm to move the sensor and circuit failure, the right not to issue instructions to the arm signal.
③ the internal structure of arm displacement occurs because external factors such as deformation.
2.1.2 Maintenance Methods
First of all tissue samples to check whether the hanging basket crooked, so there is no shift reagent tanks and other human factors; ruled out human factors, and then open the arm is received within the observation of significant resistance, such as internally generated resistance is really a robot arm, the go under the arm cylinder principle to debug their own; exclude arm their own reasons, the final confirmation of whether the circuit board and sensor failure.
2.2 automatic closed-pathological dryer
2.2.1 Fault Analysis
Closed organization fully automatic dehydration machine, due to the high degree of intelligence, the low level of volatile reagents, processing of tissue volume, the dewatering process features a number of options, how to pressure, zero air and heating, and thus by the majority of pathology industry department teacher of all ages. The common fault than rotary dryer complex organization, simply summarized as follows:
① pumping pipe commonly used reagents, reagent mixing of impurities in it when the time to plug in pumping reagent pipeline, the winter will increase the probability of such failure.
② When the vacuum pressure in the pumping reagents or pressure is not sufficient to continue normal dehydration.
③ touch screen black or blue screen.
④ tissue dehydration tank leak.
⑤ not pumping paraffin.
⑥ dehydration tank probe the alarm error.
⑦ When running the cleaning procedure, dehydration tank liquid level alarm is not enough.
⑧ tissue dehydration is too brittle.
2.2.2 Maintenance Methods
① First, to keep clean, cleaning fluid, so dehydration tanks to clean, and does not contain impurities of wax into the pipeline and the reagent bottle; followed by dehydration reagent must be kept clean, the organization of reagents in a mixture of fat and wax is causing the pipeline one of the main block; Finally, there may be dehydration due to misuse will be no discharge of clean wax cylinder to the reagent flows through the public channel, paraffin solidification clogging the pipe. Processing pipeline blockage of means, such as air-blown, hot water perfusion, and so on.
② vacuum pressure or the pressure would not be enough to test the first indicators of the pump function is normal, if normal is possible to control the valve in the gas path in one or more fails, usually due to foreign bodies inside the valve, so valve can not be properly work, the solution is to open the valve for cleaning; If the pump does not normally require replacement of the pump.
③ lead to a black screen or blue screen touch screen causes more maintenance program is to shut down a moment, and then restart the observation, if still not work on the interface, hard disk may be damaged or missing files can not be restored, replace the hard disk can be solved.
④ tissue dehydration due to cylinder seals leak too much residual paraffin, cleaning solvents can be related to ring, if the effect is still not clear after cleaning, replace the seals.
⑤ The reason is not pumping paraffin wax paraffin wax in too many impurities that occur within the channel and the valve plug, the use of cleaning solvents can be related.
⑥ dehydration tank probe the alarm may be due to error reagent purity is too low, due to containing impurities, first check the reagent cleanliness, if the non-reagent reasons, the use of xylene to wipe the probe, such as the issue is not resolved, it may failure of the probe sensor should be replaced.
⑦ dehydration tank liquid level alarm is not enough because the loss of volatile cleaning solution quickly, the solution is to add a relevant reagents.
⑧ tissue dehydration causes too brittle fault in the general non-dryer, just to soak in xylene dehydration process can be shortened.
Pathological dryer failure ever-changing, but the dryer running if you know the basic principles, you can more easily find the reasons for failure, then troubleshooting.

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