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Construction of hospital information technology cabling system planning
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Modern hospital and medical building intelligent information to all personnel within the hospital, providing a convenient, comfortable, efficient and safe medical care, treatment, research, office, learning the software and hardware environment, which greatly improved the hospital's overall medical standards, management efficiency and service quality.

With the intelligent hospital, constantly in-depth information on the process, we also encountered in the actual construction of some of the shortcomings and deficiencies, builders are often very concerned about the building of the hospital to immediately reach the international advanced level or "step", so expect too much when building, and in the actual planning, due to various constraints such as inadequate funding, so had to reduce spending on some systems, network and cabling systems compared with the often overlooked is the importance of an integrated cabling system and its close relationship with the computer network system. This is the starting point of this thought, this article will focus on discussion of intelligent cabling system in the hospital information system construction in some of the experiences and lessons learned, some of the views put forward by this, the reader may be able to shed some light on this and help.

Here, the authors from the integrated wiring system in the hospital information systems and intelligent positioning, how to plan a cabling system for the hospital, the hospital integrated wiring should be the focus, how to project management to ensure the hospital Cabling System successful implementation, cabling systems for new technology to help hospital management to discuss the five areas.

Finally, the author in writing this article during the East China Architectural Design Institute Lei teacher has given me great help, would like to thank.

An intelligent cabling system in the hospital information system and the positioning of

Hospital is located in building intelligent systems infrastructure weak above, typically contain building automation system (BA), Public Safety Management (SA), fire alarm and fire fighting linkage (FA), address (PA) and cable ( CATV), PDS (PDS) and computer network communications systems (Computer Network), etc., in addition to some hospitals dedicated intelligence platforms, such as: health care intercom systems, queuing systems, closed circuit television teaching system, the operating room monitor systems, image storage transmission systems.

Hospital information platform is positioned in the network application layer, through the computer network technology, information terminal networking, centralized information processing, storage and information sharing, thereby increasing the efficiency of treatment, clinical results and improved management tools. Information specific information platform will include: hospital information system (HIS), Clinical Information System (CIS), medical imaging systems (PACS), radiology information system (RIS), remote medical systems.

If the hospital is focused on the hospital's intelligent hard environment and soft environment construction system, then the hospital information is focused on hospitals, clinics, management of information processing systems. Both the intelligence or information systems to support their co-hosted communications platform is based on computer network cabling system platform.

So, intelligent cabling system in the hospital and information platform is how to position it?

As shown above, we can see the cabling system is the physical transmission platform, like the highway network between cities, the city's development is inseparable from intensive high-speed road network. In the integrated wiring platform to support the phone, computer network communications platforms, and computer network platform and the application of information technology for hospitals and hospital support intelligent applications. You can see, planning, implementation of good cabling system platform, is the construction of hospital information necessary foundation for success, has very important significance.
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