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Pathology information management system is fully apply to the major hospitals Pathology
News: strong support in the hospital, after pre-preparation, Department of Pathology, March 15, disease
Management information management system put into use.

The system uses the most advanced pathology information management software HMIAS-2000W, the system
Accordance with international standards of Pathology operation process design, the entire process of pathology workflow, quality control
Link, medical information and image data for the overall management, not only can improve the department management level, to enhance the Division
Research capacity, reduce human error, reduce the risk of misdiagnosis, but also with the hospital HIS \ PACS and other systems to share information
Information, so that fast access to pathology clinical data, clinical pathology departments can also browse time reports
  Diagnosis and treatment of patients so as to provide faster, more accurate guidance.

Pathology information management system but also for our hospital, research and teaching has far-reaching significance. First of all,
Clinical research and teaching, to achieve data after the data management for a variety of retrieval, statistics, and some
Retrospective research specimens can easily provide the query image, and easy-to-order aggregate, provide intuitive
Teaching pictures; Second, data archiving, digital collection of surgical specimens by the general image and Code
Lesions, the preservation of first-hand clinical data, in the restored original specimens, highlighting the characteristics of the whole lesion, as
Pathologist to provide diagnosis, to achieve a non-pathological entity data for permanent preservation. Department of Pathology Information Management
Systems in use, for clinical, research, and teaching to provide a strong guarantee, marking the disease
Information science into the whole stage.


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