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enterprise culture

Build a relationship of trust with customers to achieve the objective of maximizing customer benefits

Business Ethics

Always maintain a sense of responsibility to society

Comply with state laws and regulations and social ethics

For employees, customers and community to create effective

Respected science, dedication, dedication, honesty and trustworthiness, sound operations

Corporate style

Things to do today, tomorrow, to maintain the flexibility of business

Thank the community and customers to quickly resolve customer issues, and the customer a dream

Staff motto

Create a brand, is a step by step, step, every day is the starting point

Services, listening to thunder at the subtle

With the success of the customer, have our success

With the success of employees, only business success

Harmonious interpersonal relations, organizational discipline and humanity, to institutionalize learning, e-commerce is now on behalf of the


Corporate culture: integrity, truthfulness, quality, excellent!

Business philosophy: the pursuit of excellence is no limit to the times create the future!

Values: the pursuit of value is the starting point of our work to create value is our life force, to achieve long-lasting value is our pursuit!

Entrepreneurial passion: to do business with love, a man with a grateful heart!

Objectives: root out the client resources is the basis of the work, cooperation, interaction in the process of our work;

Cost savings, profit maximization, service, times the weight of our work
Heart, win is the result of our work.

Team concept: the target in the same direction, carrying lead, understanding trust and risk-sharing.

Dayan's advocacy team.
Plate to create the most competitive person boutique business is Knopp
Common goal.
In the process of achieving this goal, everyone should own team loyalty, courage
And burdened, their potential, hard work, the team to become the "lead goose"; to trust each other,
Tacit understanding, willing to sacrifice, united, in the fierce market competition, fight the wind blow waves, tackle
Difficult, and ultimately achieve business development goals while achieving the strategic value of your life.

Innovative concept: continuous innovation tolerance of failure

Continuous innovation is the enterprise survival and development of the source and motivation to create the most competitive and plate
Quality companies, we must create a strong atmosphere of innovation, and always support employee innovation, innovative technology, the highest
New management, innovation systems, innovation and the environment; appear on the failure of innovation, to understanding, tolerance,
Should be encouraged, so that innovation has become a quality, a spirit, a kind of fashion.

Talent Concept: its bit from suitable people apply their

As long as companies are willing and able to work, actively contributing, that is, companies need people.
In the selection of personnel, the first consideration is the knowledge, skills and jobs that require people to make the best of both
Combination, to maximize the expertise and capabilities of each worker.

Quality concept: high standards and fine zero defect

High standard, fine, zero defect, is the basic business requirements for workers, but also the staff based
The work attitude.
High standards is a prerequisite, the refinement of the basic requirements, is the ultimate target of zero defect
Three interlocking, are indispensable.

Marketing idea: to create value for enterprises to win friends

21st century marketing, "create value for customers" is not simply advocated the sale of content,
But work hard for the user to create other users or not there is no value, so that he
They become repeat customers, and ultimately become friends.

Safety concept: life is priceless, safety day

Life for each person only once, we should respect life, cherish life.
Safety first, pre-
Anti-based; safety is the nature of production and management needs and necessary requirement, and only in the lives of workers
Effectively guarantee the normal operation of facilities to be set up to protect the case, prices can be sustained, healthy,
Harmonious development.

Independent concept: self-cultivation, morality, keep clean, leaving a

Self-cultivation through learning a variety of cultural knowledge, professional skills, improve their overall quality; up
Germany is to strengthen their self-cultivation, and establish a good morality; keep clean is to strictly abide by the party and government discipline
And business rules and regulations, self-discipline, people skills innocent, good reputation among the masses.
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