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     Harmonious development of Xiaogan Nuopu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2006, has been five Years, in five years, is the respect of customers, dedicated employees and sincere cooperation, common progress, writing a five-Nuopu

The glorious history. In five years, Nuopu has been to "the value of the customer's success Yun among enterprises .The success of the employees to enjoy the best performance value when "as part of our business philosophy which earth interpretation of the enterprise, customers,The interaction between the three employees, this is a "win-win" state. "Harmonious development" is the cause of sustainable development .Cornerstone of development!


     Nuopu innovative companies in this five-year development process, and continue to strive for excellence, steady growth. In 2010, 2011, gradually developed a more applicable to products of Pathology, the vigorous development of the company to lay theStrong foundation. The company's products from a single analytical instrument testing laboratory equipment extended to systems of public Division of existing main pathological products are: 
       NP-T series automatic biological tissue dewatering machines, NP-B series of biological tissue automatic embedding machine, NP-R-type system Column tissue automatic dyeing machine, NP-KT rapid tissue dehydration series instrument, NP-Q series of biological organization Slicer, NP-P baking sheet spread biological tissue machine (bleach baking sheet instrument), NP-LD series cut frozen tissue Film machine, NP-Z series of liquid based cytology tableting machines and supplies, NP-2000-type pathology graphics workstations, various types of health Learning software and all pathology supplies, large and small drawing table, slide filing cabinets, cool piece cabinet, filing cabinets wax block, Also undertake all types of standard laboratory build project. Company adhere to: "plastic brand innovation, scientific management

Promote quality and harmonious operation and development "business philosophy;" Customer demand is our relentless pursuit .Demand "for the service concept. Unremitting efforts of all who Nuopu, has formed a complete system of R & D, quality Control system, process production systems, marketing management system and service system. Company for several years, won the "National quality, credit, innovation AAA level enterprise." Our relentless pursuit of the perfect pre-sale,After-sales service to enhance customer satisfaction, the "service to win" as to enhance the core competitiveness of the company Important combat readiness. In order to enhance the company's service quality, in addition to continuously optimize our product portfolio, In recent years, we focused on optimizing the company's organizational structure, staff training services to strengthen the awareness, the establishment of performance Evaluation system and other management to improve customer service efficiency; in-house project management from the establishment to the development Laboratory Furniture and supporting engineering services and other measures to provide customers with total solutions, the majority of customers Recognition and praise.

    Plastic brand innovation, scientific management and promote the quality, harmony and development along with the pathology business technology industry

Start, Nuopu was born; up the world witnessed China's rapid advances in technology, Nuopu growth; Nuopu and doomed China and the world scientific and technological development and common progress. The future, China's scientific and technological progress with China's rapid economic development of a Kind of let the world wonder; a new era, Nuopu will continue adhering to the "brand plastic technological innovation, scientific management and promote Quality, harmony and business plan development, "the entrepreneurial spirit, the Chinese scientists continue to provide better products and services, The social value of the enterprise; while Nuopu team continue to grow, mature team members continue to progress and achieve staff .Work of personal values; This is the mission entrusted to us the times, will continue to inspire us beyond, and the melody of the times Boosting technology Nuopu beating dance, play out Nuopu technology gorgeous music!

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